jvelvis.jpgJV and Elvis, the on-air duo who inhabit "The Doghouse" on 92.3 Free FM, had their suspension from CBS Radio upgraded to a firing. The morning show pair were suspended late last month after CBS received complaints about a show in which a prank call is placed to a Chinese restaurant, and lewd language and racial slurs were employed in an attempt at humor. It was the second time in a month JV and Elvis found themselves in hot water. Earlier in April, the two were criticized for using a number of anti-gay slurs against a musician guest on their show after he admitted that he didn't listen to commercial radio and had never heard of them. Their site appears to be dormant at this time.

Back in 2005, Miss Jones of Hot97 FM was suspended indefinitely after airing a song parody making fun of Asian tsunami victims that makes Don Imus sound like Martin Luther King, Jr. by comparison, but she eventually returned to the air. Later that year, J Smooth at hiphopmusic.com noted her rant against transit workers, who she characterized as uneducated and overpaid losers, before employing a few slurs against TWU head Roger Toussaint, wishing he'd be forcibly placed on a boat back to Trinidad.

Opie and Anthony, who broadcast a daily show on XM Satellite Radio, were criticized last week for airing a portion of a show in which they laughed at the prospect of Condoleeza Rice being held down and raped by a homeless man.