Justin Timberlake is JustifiedAccording to The Sun, Justin Timberlake was given a hard time by some shock jocks. He was asked, among other things: who was better in bed, Britney or Christina (or is that X-tina, 'cause she's dirrrty!); did he fool around with Kylie; and did he have a fling with anyone from *NSync. The last one drove Justin over the edge, as he freaked, "Any fan of mine does not want to know a dumbass question like 'What are your homo activities?' I can't believe I've wasted my time with you." Heh - that's like a Gothamist interview, just slightly edgier.

This reminded Gothamist of a Michael Musto column: David Cross had interesting things to say on VH1 about Justin's breakup with Britney Spears. Quoth the comic, "Britney's probably going, 'Look, I've gotta get as much cock as I can now when I'm young' and Justin's probably thinking the same exact thing, if you know what I mean." (Cross was bleeped on "cock," but I read his loose lips.)

Gothamist has seen David Cross at Tinkle, where he complained about young, white celebrities like Justin adopting street language, most notably on Punk'd. We also think that Justin's song, "Rock Your Body," sounds like a Jamiroquai-ish 70s singer. Gothamist thinks we watch too much MTV.