Justin Kirk; Photo: NY Times
Justin Kirk; Photo: USA Today

Gothamist enjoyed with the first part of the Mike Nicols–directed adaptation of Angels in America, and we were especially impressed with our friend Justin Kirk's performance. Justin was in the New York Times this past weekend where his hair's malleability is revealed (his hair "can go both ways") and tried to move interviewer Alexandra Jacobs off the subject of politics: "How about something on my blue eyes?" Why not talk about politics? Well, as Justin told USA Today last week, "I just want to be vaguely charming and not say anything of substance, because I don't want to be me. I don't want to be Justin Kirk and have something to say. I just want to be an actor." Then he tells USA Today that he loves the Mandy Moore album, Coverage. Yikes. Well, maybe that's part of his charming/no substance ploy. At least, we hope so. As for his hair, Gothamist likes it short and spiky (this is our gambit for being charming/no substance).

You can see Part 1 of Angels in America all this week and next. Part 2 airs on Sunday at 8PM. And Gothamist on the rave reviews of Angels in America.