Honestly, Barack Obama's popularity has sort of waned, so to make Midtown Manhattan a real epic clusterf*ck tomorrow, a little Justin Bieber needed to be thrown in. The boy wonder announced his Macy's Herald Square appearance yesterday, and ever since fans have been flocking to the store for his arrival. With Obama also arriving tomorrow, the area is on full "Obama-Bieber Gridlock" watch, with a 100% chance of traffic and screaming girls.

We dropped by Macy's today, where Bieber's perfume "Someday" just went on sale, and fans had already infiltrated the store... but not that many? It seemed kind of tame. Anyway, the first 350 people who purchased a bottle would get tickets to see him, and one New Jersey mother—who estimated that she's spent 70 hours of quality with her daughter waiting in Bieber lines—grilled us, "So, how did you find out about this 350 tickets if you buy the perfume thing?" She then bought four perfume bottles, and said they'd come back tomorrow anyway even if they didn't get tickets.

Meanwhile, the real die hards, the campers, were given tickets last night and told to go home. (Pssh, when we were kids weour friends had to camp out all night for New Kids On The Block tickets!)

Inside, the store was filled with members of the Bieber army: Fans! Marketing people! Perfume sprayers! NYPD's Special Bieber Opps Unit! Macy's Someday™ Security Team! One of the guys from his marketing street team told us, "Little girls were walking out of here crying. It was baffling." (This guy must have been a new hire.) And Macy's head of security assured us that they "are well prepared. All the little people love him. We are well prepared [for tomorrow]." Currently Biebs is taking it easy with his uncle Dave.

In case you are wondering what Biebs's fragrance smells like, one member of his team told us, "I mean I'm no perfume expert but.... fruity overtones, some almond notes, very summer for girls, target audience is definitely girls ages 14 to 18."

On site reporting by Elyssa Goldberg.