Were you dying to buy some preppy clothes in an equally preppy cottage? And is the Polo Mansion just too uptown for you? Well, Tommy Hilfiger just opened up an 800-square-foot pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District. Hilfiger told the NY Times, "The preppy lifestyle has gone global. We feel that our business has grown so well because preppy travels so well. It’s all-American classic."

Hilfiger, who is reportedly interested in laying down $170 million for a Madison Square Park building (possibly for a preppy hotel), said of his fashions, "When you’re wearing it, maybe you feel like you are a yachtsman. Or if you’re wearing something madras, you feel like you’re out on the lawn playing croquet, or if you’re wearing something beachy, you feel like a surfer. It has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people." Yes, to Muffy and Biff!

Racked noticed there's even a doghouse for Hilfiger's dog; luckily the pop-up shop will close after this weekend, before anyone can set up camp inside there.