Photo by Ben Lasser, taken at the Smith-Ninth stop

Recently a tipster sent along this photo, adding: "A PSA is sorely needed on the matter." We know where this is going: don't stand still on the escalator, or move to the right so others can pass on the left. We agree: stay to the right... but maybe it's the people who complain about not getting off an escalator ten seconds sooner that need the etiquette PSA?

You are on moving stairs. These were invented so people wouldn't have to walk themselves up stairs. One might even argue that you knew full well what you were getting into by stepping aboard. Sure, maybe that's not an injured or elderly person standing still in front of you; perhaps it is the physical embodiment of the sad, lazy state of our unhealthy culture here in America—but we built these things, so people are using them. And if you're getting so stressed and worked up about something like this, then that's just as unhealthy! Take the extra time you're spending standing still on this thing to breathe, meditate, relax, be more zen... when you get to the top the city will still be moving at your typically frantic pace.

One time this girl straight up just sat down and we could all hear the subway coming, but still, everyone remained calm. (Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

Once you decide to get on that escalator, you are no longer in charge of what happens. You lose control. The person in front of you has the power. So remember, if there is an escalator there are almost always some stationary, archaic stairs nearby. If you are in that much of a hurry, then find those and ascend two steps at a time. Even if you're not, find them anyway, it's good exercise. But If you choose to glide up to street level on the futuristic moving staircase, then hop on for a ride and chill the fuck out.

IF for some reason there are no stairs, then fine, we'll reiterate the earlier etiquette rule: if you are not climbing up, move to the right so people can pass. Forget what horror stories you were taught as a kid about standing still or getting sucked in: