Hey, fancy, self-obsessed ladies of Sex and the City: Don't mess with Brooklyn! With the recent plotline of Miranda "sacrificing" to move to Brooklyn, residents are annoyed. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gets into the act (of course) and tells the Post, "Obviously, she doesn't know that there are more people moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan than vice-versa." A Park Slope resident adds, "A Manhattanite moving to Brooklyn was a big deal 15 years ago, but not anymore. All of us out here know what Miranda and her Manhattan-centric friends don't know: People in Brooklyn have a life!"

Gothamist agrees that Miranda's attitude about Brooklyn is outdated, but considering the show's almost anachronistic tendency to be both trendsetting and hopelessly behind (a writer who doesn't know Google? Cosmopolitans?), this is just par for the course.