Michael Lang, the determined dude behind Woodstock 50 (who also co-produced the 1969 festival) can't stop, won't stop trying to save the 50th anniversary event that's coming up (or not!) this August. This week investors canceled the event, and shortly after, Lang penned an open letter saying they had no right to cancel the show, declaring it will still, somehow, take place. And today, Lang doubled down, saying that despite not having financing, and despite having no commitments from artists, the show will go on. He told the NY Times, "We have a short window to put this back together. That’s obvious. We feel it’s enough time, and there is enough interest, that we think we will accomplish it." We love this guy.

According to Billboard, the latest hurdle for Lang & Co. (that is Woodstock Ventures, which owns the Woodstock name) is that "representatives from two major talent agencies with headliners booked for the anniversary event said Dentsu's [the investor] decision to pull out of the event voids their contract and releases them from playing the festival." Pretty big hurdle! But Lang has vowed to jump right over it and keep running towards the Watkins Glen International speedway, which is where the event was scheduled for August 16th through 18th.

The investors, Dentsu, had already spent $30 million on the festival's lineup, which featured Jay-Z, Santana, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper, and many many more.

So what's going to happen? Billboard has looked into their crystal ball and determined that "it is highly unlikely an event will take place that bears any resemblance to the three-day festival" that has previously been marketed. But maybe the real show is the journey to the show as it recedes further into the distance? It's a journey we are 100% here for and hope Hulu is filming for an upcoming documentary.