Scoping out movie sets is practically a city-wide past time in New York and today in the New York Times' City Life, Francis X. Cline elaborates on the natives' love/hate relationship with the constant filming on our streets. While it's easy to love catching a few celeb sightings on your lunch break or nab a snack from the unsuspecting Craft Services, it seems complaints about location scouts getting carte blanche on illegal parking led to a crackdown by the city on their permits as of July 1. Guess the chance that you might end up an extra in the next Spiderman movie pales in comparison to parking parity.

On the set of a Bruce Willis movie in SoHo earlier this month. Image via Flickr by Jenny Vee. A few more from the Spiderman 3 set after the jump.

Some of Spidey 3's fake snow in June.

James Franco chats between takes in front of some serious industrial lights.

Images via Flickr by UltraClay and Alex St.