Juno, the freaking adorable beluga who enjoyed the sweet sounds of a mariachi band at the Mystic Aquarium, had apparently been practicing for just this moment.

Mystic Aquarium spokesperson Erin Merz told us that "Juno can't necessarily hear the music, but he's been trained to react to bob and nod to some hand movements," like the ones from the band's guitarist. "We don't know what attracted Juno to the band," she said. "It could have been their hats, or maybe their clothes. We've had music at the aquarium before, but we've never seen a reaction like this."

Senior trainer Kelly O’Neil told CBS that Juno probably responded to the band—who were there performing at the aquarium for the wedding of Kimberly Mikenis and Kevin Van Aelst—because of "the music’s vibrations, those physical cues and the whales’ natural curiosity." (Here's a bit more Juno background for those curious).

The video has reached viral status, and now calls to Mariachi Connecticut bandleader Eduardo Rocha are not being immediately returned—probably because he's busy booking 100,000 new gigs.