With rapper Lil' Kim getting sprung from jail early yesterday morning, it was the perfect "Independence Day" cover for the city's two tabloids. However, the Post and Daily News decided to diverge in how to handle the news: The Post's headline - and story - focused on the former in-shape rapper's heftier post-prison physique while the Daily News' headline just notes her boobies. The Post is, naturally, more vicious (though the story does have Lil' Kim acknowledging how she needs to lose weight) and the Daily News' "Kim Busts Out" is just more fun. Advantage: Daily News, especially since the Post cover just looks like a terrible angle.

However, the Post does reveal that apparently Lil' Kim's cellmates brought her breakfast in bed. We guess Lil' KIm made sure to show them who's boss and who's bitch!

Lil' Kim was sentenced last July for lying to a grand jury about a 2001 shooting outside Hot 97 in Tribeca. Her sentence was a year and one day, but she got out early for good behavior.