Are you familiar with the Juliet Balcony? The nickname for the architectural atrocity (more officially referred to as the "balconet") comes from its appearance in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. But they are nothing more than a glorified window with a ledge to teeter on. Aside from teasing the apartment's inhabitant with a small taste of outdoor space, what is the point of having one of these?

For the unfamiliar, or those lacking enough hate in their hearts for these things, the Juliet Balcony is essentially as good as a mirage, giving one the feeling that there is usable outdoor space in an apartment, but not actually delivering any. This style of balcony often provides just a few inches of floor protruding from one's apartment, which could drive any inhabitant mad—Lady Macbeth-levels mad—wondering why the architect didn't just add a few more inches, or ideally: feet. A more generous one may allow for a small potted plant, but typically you're lucky if your big toe can enjoy a breeze while resting upon its shallow platform.

So why all this hate for a balcony style that's been around forever and isn't actually hurting anyone? These pasted-on decorations are being used on many of the newer "luxury"-style apartments around the city, they're all over the rental market, and even appear in the new micro-apartment renderings. So we're here with a plea: architects, please bring these balconies to their timeless end.