The Basics.Astrological Sign.


Birth order (only, oldest, middle, youngest).

Day Job.
Student first, PR second.

A few questions for you.
How did a nice girl like you end up being a rock chick? Is it hereditary? I come from a pretty traditional Irish- American family (8 kids on my mother’s side, 8 on my father’s side). They all (some of them have quit to live the good life) drink, and they almost all play music or have a heightened sensitivity to it. That,and my Dad was a rock chick.

Who would play you in the rock n roll biopic about "Made Out Of Babies"?
I would love to say someone really cool like Sigorney Weaver or Joan Cusack, but there have been more than a few remarks about how little I am and how loud I can get. It would probably end up being more of a forgotten Missy Gold type-actress.

What do you love about Brooklyn that you hope Manhattanites never learn about? (Shh! Gothamist won't tell.)
Any neighborhood that isn’t yet crawling with white belted, soy-mocha frapp-ay drinking, “Oops I-forgot-to-tuck-my-collar-into-my-sweater”, closet Depeche Mode fans. Oh, but everyone has their good points. I forgot to say that.

What's the best place for semi-public sex?
Local precinct, of course.

Where's the best place for people watching in New York?
It depends on whether you want to get depressed or have a few laughs. For depression: Park Avenue. If you opt for the laughs, definitely Shea Stadium.

What makes your mouth water?

It's Sunday morning; do you attempt the New York Times crossword, go for a jog or nurse a hangover?
I finish nursing the Vicious, unforgiving beast of a hangover. I can’t do the Times crossword past Wednesday, so I usually eat all day and do the puzzle I saved from Tuesday, so I can feel smart and accomplished before Monday comes along and rips it all out from under me.

Note: Made Out of Babies tours again in June with UNSANE, and playing dates with NEUROSIS. Our album debuts on June 28.