If your friends are hashtagging Tweets with #TomThon and you haven't received your decoder ring in the mail yet, we're here to help. Actually, we've enlisted writer/performer/woman-who-makes-us-laugh Julie Klausner to help. Below, she explains, and gives you 5 good reasons to hand over your money to WFMU radio host Tom Scharpling tomorrow night.

Last Tuesday night, I had a sort of disappointing dinner (lentil soup and a yogurt), and then, I donated money to WFMU for their annual fundraising marathon during The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling. I strongly recommend that you repeat the latter thing I did (lentil soup, let's face it, is no pasta fagioli) and pledge your hard-earned cash to WFMU tomorrow night, Tuesday March 8th, during Tom's show (9 PM to Midnight EST on 91.1 FM, and online at wfmu.org) for the following five reasons.

1. Swag. WFMU is a free-form radio station that's been operating out of Jersey City there but by the grace of listener support. It doesn't accept corporate sponsorships or sleazy grants! This means, once a year, they ask for cash from the good guys who listen all year round to shows like Tom's. And in return, you get fantastic premiums!

This year alone, a pledge of $75 bucks or more gets you the DON'T STOP ME NOW FANTASY PACK, which consists of a poster designed by Charles Burns, a T-shirt, a button and a vinyl single called RATED G.G. - a special compilation of songs by notorious scum rocker GG Allin, cleaned up and recorded by people exclusively for this single! The single will feature tracks by BEN GIBBARD, THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, TY SEGALL, FUCKED UP, and TED LEO.There will also be a bonus DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the single that will feature additional content by HOME BLITZ, SCHARPLING AND WURSTER and MORE!

2. Scharpling & Wurster. Tom, along with his colleague Jon Wurster, collaborate on some of the highest quality comedy on a week-to-week basis since Carlos Mencia passed away and was replaced with a grotesque Jack in the Box that hosted his weekly Comedy Central show, to the realization of no one.

S&W are not only behind seven comedy albums well worth your dimes and nickels, brother; Jon's calls into the Best Show are the stuff of cult comedy collectors' non-gross dreams (the other dreams they have are about about doing terrible things to Annabella Sciorra). And here is Jon starring as Carl Newman in the Tom Scharpling-directed New Pornographers video for "Moves"!

3. Music. Have you heard of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists? Oh, you have? Congratulations, dummy. They are only a HUGE ROCK BAND THAT IS A BIG DEAL AND ALSO GREAT. And it was on Tom's show that Teddy made history, inviting Best Show listeners to collaborate on a now-classic gem, "The World is in The Turlet." Please listen to the process here, and learn more than you ever would about the art of making art than you would on some James Lipton show about making soup or talking to Robert Downey Jr. or whatever it is that guy with the beard does on that show with the index cards.

4. Mirth. I don't know about you guys, but I really love to laugh. There, I said it! Now GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN. Okay, fix yourself some toast first, I'm no monster.

The Best Show on WFMU hosts some of the only non-Billy Joel audio that is able to still make me crack a giggle, a titter, or a cackle. Here is a classic Best Show moment from 2003, in which Tom Scharpling counts down the Sleaziest Rockers of All Time. And here is one of the best interviews ever that Tom did recently with hero and genius Chris Elliot.

5. Mayhem.One time, Tom made his Associate Producer Mike drink some Four Loko on the air, and he said "quesadilla" in a way that caused him to giggle. The next week, Tom himself "got Loko," and claims, still, to not remember the final hour of his broadcast. Even more recently, a puppet named Wally Wackiman called into the show to talk to Tom and his guests, Aziz Ansari, Aimee Mann, and Jason Woliner. All of these moments caused me to become disoriented and delighted at the same goddamn time. I trust they will do the same for you.

If you want to dig around for more Tom greatness, Best Show Gems is a great resource for classic comedy bits—and here is a comprehensive archive of past shows.

Finally, please do consider taking out the ol' check book—or just your stupid telephone--and pledging during tomorrow night's show, either by calling So call and pledge 1-800-989-9368 or pledging online at www.wfmu.org this Tuesday March 8th between 9PM-12AM EST!