Legendary graffiti mecca 5 Pointz moved a step closer to death's door yesterday when a city judge ruled he could not grant an injunction to stop demolition on the Long Island City structure.

5 Pointz supporters had hoped the city would stop owners Jerry and David Wolkoff from razing the building and putting up high rises in its place; but Judge Frederic Block, who says he's a fan of 5 Pointz's street art, said the law requires him to let the owners develop at will. "I love the work and it’s going to tear my heart out to see it torn down, but as a judge I have to apply the law,” he said. “I can’t grant the injunction.”

And so, the luxury condos go marching on—the Wolkoffs say they plan to level 5 Pointz by the end of December and replace it with two high rises, 1,000 shiny new units and 10,000 square feet of external panels that will reportedly be used and curated by street artists. That view from the 7 train is about to get a whole lot more boring.