It's hard to feel bad for Jude Law when we all lack privacy in the city — in much less swank digs. Turns out the actor moved in right next to the NYU freshman dorm Hayden Hall, and the student body is enjoying their new view.

The dubious dorm dwellers have now leaked their secret to the NY Post (with paparazzi style photos), saying whenever they spot Law on his Washington Square balcony (sometimes with his son), there's complete chaos. Their not-so-subtle tactics include binoculars, screaming, and noses to the window. One told the paper that when he comes out to do his yoga, "People start screaming, 'Hey, Jude' — and it's clear he can hear us"

But the once giddy undergrads are turning on the current star of Broadway's "Hamlet." Allegedly a recent, innocent wave to the actor landed them a full-on citrus attack. Upon spotting his unwelcome audience he started hurling fruit at their windows, and one soured fan says: "there was orange pulp on the glass for a week. Now we don't like Jude Law anymore." Watch out Mr. Law, one of them is coming to your show tomorrow night!