Roosevelt Island's outdoor pool at the Manhattan Park Pool Club is open for the season, and it's back with a slightly new design, and similar color palette as previous years. We're told the color inspiration "came from the desire to capture the feeling of joy that summer and warm weather brings." Clearly this pool has never descended into a NYC subway station on a humid day in August on trash day.

We are also told that the "pool goers are bathed in color that contrasts the grey city backdrop... it is a surreal experience where you feel transported away from urban life, but you can also nearly touch it at the same time."

This "surreal" experience will cost you $35/weekday and $50/weekend day if you are not one of the 11,000 residents of Roosevelt Island (if you are, it's $25/weekday and $35/weekend day).

Click through, figure out the best way to frame your Instagram shot, and head over there. The pool is located at 36 River Road on Roosevelt Island (around a 10 minute walk from the Roosevelt Island F station and Tramway station, and a 15 minute walk from the Roosevelt Island Ferry stop).

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