Want to make a geek squee? Just tell them that not only is Buffy's Joss Whedon directing the big budget Avengers movie set for next summer but he's also gone and secretly filmed a movie called Much Ado About Nothing ("based on a play"). Because yeah, that just happened. The insanity began yesterday when a Nathan Fillion tweet sent his followers to this page which lists a cast of names familiar to those who've studied the Whedon oeuvre (Amy Acker! Alexis Densiof!) and says "Bellwether Pictures is proud to announce the completion of principal photography." But do we know anything else?

Not much! But we do know a few more details (maybe?) thanks to costumer Shawna Trpcic's twitter. Asked "full-length film, short or web series?" she wrote: "Film ish not sure in what format he will release it." And as for who Fillion will be playing? Dogberry. Color us intrigued.