Before actress Anne Hathaway showed up at Occupy Wall Street today, her Dark Knight Rises colleague Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in the thick of things at Zuccotti Park as protesters were being evicted early Tuesday morning. He said he recorded three hours of footage that night, and has just put it up on his HItRecord website for people to help edit into a documentary-type project. He made this video announcement explaining the project, and wrote:

Last night, I finally went and RECorded a few hours of Occupy Wall Street footage, just as the NYPD had raided Zuccotti Park, where the movement had been centered. Now, I'd like to gather a whole bunch of Occupy records, and start making art out of them.

Contribute your photos and videos of the demonstrations. Whether in NYC, Oakland, Phili, or any other Occupied place.

If you're not in one of those locations, I still want your perspective. Contribute your thoughts by talking into a camera, or write them down. Make a song, draw a cartoon. You know, be creative.

Then we'll start taking all the records we've gathered and remixing them into clear and accessable [sic] works of art and communication.

His raw footage is posted under the name "Regular Joe" on the site; here's one where he tells a young woman in his best "no big deal" voice: "Well I came last night, and I wanted to check out Occupy Wall Street before, but hadn't had a chance... I'm an actor in a movie that just finished, The Dark Knight Rises." And interestingly enough, he played a police officer in the movie (photos), often circulating near Zuccotti Park.