If you look up "hipster" in the dictionary, you will not see any of this.

Last time we checked in on Joseph Gordon-Levitt he was Occupying Wall Street and singing a tune with Zooey Deschanel—and now the multitalented actor has kindly requested that you no longer call him a "hipster," please. Which we're cool with, because then he goes a step beyond and actually defines the word "hipster" for us all. Someone that no one has been able to pinpoint since the first bearded man in Williamsburg was spotted with a PBR in his hand. Someone telegram this to the OED, post haste:


[hip-ster] noun, slang

1. Someone who kind of dresses up like an artist but they don't actually make anything.

He added, "So all you people calling me a hipster can go fuck yourselves cause I'm makin' shit all the goddam time. People are like, 'You wear skinny jeans' but these are 501s man."