Things are going pretty well on the field for New York's number one favorite baseball club, the Metropolitans, who are off to a 7-3 start led by a red-hot on pace for 97 home runs Yoenis Cespedes and the ATV-stealing Noah Syndergaard. Off the field though, a member of the team has been busted for allegedly having a second family for the second straight season.

It turns out that Jose Reyes, who had been the Mets' starting third baseman until it was untenable to have a guy slashing .103/.105/.208 play every day, has allegedly had a secret family for the last six years according to the News. The tabloid spoke to Christina Sanchez, who's suing Reyes for an increase in child support payments, about their long affair.

Sanchez says that she was dating Reyes before he even got married to his wife, and that they continued an affair together until 2015, when Reyes was arrested on domestic violence charges. While they were together, Sanchez said that Reyes took her to games, and took her and their daughter on VIP trips to Disney World, but hasn't seen the two of them since Christmas 2015.

Sanchez referred to herself and the daughter she and Reyes allegedly had together as the player's "road family" in the News story, and also suggested that if Reyes got involved in his daughter's life again that he would play better on the field. There might be some evidence that a scandal like this could be weighing Reyes down, at least based on recent baseball history. Last season, beloved home run-swatting pitcher Bartolo Colon was also busted for having a second family, with the news publicized the day of one of his starts. Colon had an uncharacteristically wild start on that same night, walking a season-high five batters in fewer than five innings.

Reyes has not publicly commented on Sanchez's allegations.

Time will tell where this fits into the many embarrassing scandals in Mets history, from the time everyone was stoned to the time Fred Wilpon lost all of his money in a literal Ponzi scheme to the time Vince Coleman threw a firecracker at a kid or that time they traded Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi. If a third player gets busted for a secret family next year, then collectively this will definitely be in the top five.