diamond_big.jpgThe Basics
Age and occupation. 28. Managing Editor, The L Magazine.How long have you lived here? 22 months. Where did you come from? Originally: The suburban ring around Toronto that I'm told is like a cross between Dallas and rural Switzerland. Before NYC: Paris. Where do you live now? Williamsburg.

Straight to L, boys
1. The letter 'L' has taken on a new meaning, what with the new TV show and its bus stop shelter ads. Will you be angling to hit the Sapphic demographic a bit more now?
Advertisers have finally figured out that we're not "Elle Magazine," so this couldn't have come at a better time. I think my high school creative writing teacher was a lesbian, so I feel very comfortable in spearheading any new demographic focus in the "Sapphic" direction.

2. As the managing editor, how often do you get pitches from people that make you wonder about this city's mental health?
Daily. A few weeks ago I got a pitch about JFK JR. having faked his death, in aid of a Jesuit plot to sabotage the Republican Convention. In terms of conspiracy it was fairly run-of-the-mill, frothy stuff, but it had a hysterical glow to it that warmed my heart.

3. What do you have in your pockets right now besides The L Magazine?
OTB stubs, a pen, 11 dollars and 54 cents.

Proust-Krucoff Questionnaire
Time travel question: What era, day or event in New York's history would you like to re-live?
I would love to go camping in the 17th century in that idyllic glade that would eventually become Times Square. And of course, throwing up in the bathroom at the Algonquin Hotel after getting put in my place by Dorothy Parker.

Describe that low, low moment when you thought you just might have to leave NYC for good.
Throwing up in the bathroom of the Algonquin Hotel after getting put in my place by a middle-management business traveller from Boise (true story), and then trying to "camp out" in the idyllic glade that had become Times Square.

9pm, Wednesday night - what are you doing?
Working late, trying to figure out the spellchecker upgrades.

Best celebrity sighting in New York, or personal experience with one if you're that type.
Waiting outside to meet a friend for dinner, watching Liv Tyler water her flowers. It made me all warm inside, like a Jesuit conspiracy theory, but not in a sexual way, it was just so quiet and domestic, not elvish or Aerosmithy at all.

Just after midnight on a Saturday - what are you doing?
I host a monthly debate-cabaret-drinking-game called CAUSTIC, for the magazine, so by that point I'm either congratulating or consoling tipsy debaters. Next one's this Saturday at Bauhaus, 196 Orchard St, 7:30pm.

Who do you consider to be the greatest New Yorker of all-time? (Name up to three if you must.)
W.H. Auden — yes, an obvious import, but that was a hell of a gin club he had with Stravinsky and Balanchine.
Jane Jacobs — kicked Robert Moses' ass over the SoHo overpass, paving the way for his downfall.
Joseph Mitchell — this city's greatest storyteller, ever.

What happened the last time you went to L.A.?
I was thirteen, it was for a soccer tournament. I discovered Taco Bell. Possibly the worst LA story ever.

Of all the movies made about (or highly associated with) New York, what role would you have liked to be cast in?
Without a doubt, Jack Lemmon in "The Apartment." The young Shirley MacLaine, holy crap: hubba hubba.

The End of The World is finally happening. What are you going to do with your last 24 hours in NYC?
I attempted and failed to do this during the black out, but I'd like to walk from the Battery to the Cloisters with a bottle of scotch and a portable stereo mounted on some kind of cart playing New York standards. (I made it as far as that stupid Burning Man fiasco at Tompkins.)