2008_11_jonas.jpgYesterday the Jonas Brothers were at Barnes & Noble on 5th and 46th in Midtown signing copies of their new book, "Burning Up: On Tour With The Jonas Brothers," and the crowd was just as insane as you might expect for the Wyckoff, NJ teenage pop sensations. The Daily News was on hand and got some choice quotes from some of the 500 fans who traveled from around the country for yesterdays event. "They were all so nice. The best bit was telling them I loved them and them saying it back. I'm never going to forget today," one girl told the paper. Another reported, "Nick was much hotter in person. When I saw him, I cried so hard. I would do it again. I want to drive from state to state to see them again." But the prize for dedication goes to 16-year-old Britney Rosen from Long Island, who skipped Thanksgiving dinner and waited just under 60 hours to be first in line to greet the promise ringed-brothers.