2006_01_jonstewart.jpgIt's official: Jon Stewart will host this year's Oscars telecast. Which means the Academy of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to go for crowd-pleasing ('specially in liberal Hollywood) political commentary, versus another year of cruel but insightful wisecracks from Chris Rock. Hmm, Gothamist likes Jon Stewart, though we downgraded him after the frat-party audience atmosphere of the Daily Show started to detract from the show, but he is better than Whoopi Goldberg again. Actually, we don't care as long as Bruce Vilanch is kept away from the writers' room and Steven Colbert is involved in the telecast - can you picture it, a "Colbert Report" on the evils of Hollywood?

What do you think of this choice? Gothamist predicts an arsenal of gay cowboy jokes, "Oy, I'm a Jew" lines, and probably some bits with Steve Carrell (did you realize The 40 Year Old Virgin was nominated for a Writers Guild Award?). But we did love Chris Rock last year - his joke about movie stars not being what they used to was totally spot-on. And will Jon Stewart be man enough to make fun of any of Sean Penn's friend? Hard to say!