Jon Stewart has kept pretty quiet in 2017, except for his state-mandated monthly visits to Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the occasional war of words with local shock jocks. But seeing as how he's gearing up for two HBO standup specials, it's no surprise he'd want to start making some unexpected standup appearances.

So it went last night at Radio City Music Hall, where Stewart was one of Dave Chappelle's surprise guests for his residency there. And he did not shy away from the Charlottesville rally and Trump's less-than-inspiring response to white supremacists. "I knew it would be bad because, and in the president’s defense, he is a terrible person," Stewart said. "I don’t think everybody who likes him is a Nazi, but everybody who is a Nazi sure does seem to like him."

NY Times reporter and celebrity-whisperer Sopan Deb was in the audience for the performance, and shared a transcript of some of Stewart's remarks. Among the highlights, Stewart talks about how Fox News reporters resemble the tiki torch-assembling white supremacists, Trump equivocating Nazis with protesters ("Two sides! I believe they are called the Allied powers and the Axis powers"), his incredulity over neo-Nazis saying "Jew lovers are gassing us," the story of his Twitter feud with Trump, and how he knows Trump isn't a good guy.

"Here’s some clues that he’s not a great guy," Stewart said. "He lives in a building with his name on it in giant letters and he has a plane on it, with his name in giant letters. Good people don’t ride like that. You’re never like, 'Hey, there’s the Mother Teresa Plane.' Like, that’s [INAUDIBLE] shit right there. And I’ll admit, like, I have a particular beef with him. So, all this shit is new to people. They’re like Donald Trump is a racist?"

"…He comes at me with 'His name is Liebovitz.' So I have some issues with my father. Things worked out. I changed my name. We don’t have to go there? The point is - so I don’t know what to do. So I get on the Comedy Central Twitter and I tweet back, 'Did you know Donald Trump’s real name is Fuckface Von Clownstick?'"