Jon Stewart and Louis C.K. both gave surprise performances at The Comedy Cellar last night, sending shockwaves of devastating FOMO across your friends who have been insisting for months that you all drag your tired asses to the venue on a Wednesday night because "you never know who you might see."

Apparently Stewart was there because his former Daily Show executive producer (and current executive producer of The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore) Rory Albanese brought him.

Oh, what a night.

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The Comic's Comic has more details:

Stewart held court earlier Wednesday night at "the comedians' table" in the Olive Tree Cafe above the Cellar, reminiscing about his younger days at the Cellar before he hosted any late-night TV shows, when original host/booker Bill Grundfest was in charge of the club for owner Manny Dworman. Then Louis C.K. arrived to work on new jokes, and when Stewart joined other comedians downstairs to watch (including later drop-in comedian Mike Epps!), Stewart passed by his old headshot on the staircase wall and pointed out how he young he'd been then.

Apparently Stewart said, "I could do this again" after his set. Stewart's final Daily Show taping is next week.