Gothamist truely loves Jon Stewart and that fake news program of his, the Daily Show. Lately though, we've noticed that his guests have become more and do you say...prestigious. John Edwards announced his intention to run for president on the show, a few weeks ago Bill Clinton talked to Stewart...and now John Kerry comes for an extended interview tonight!

The truth is, the Daily Show has always been a smart news program. They are like that favorite comedian of yours. The one who makes you laugh, yet sneaks useful information into your head at the same time. Lets you see the world, society, the government from another viewpoint. It mocks, it informs...and because of that, it gets through to us.

The show is a great place to be seen by the younger voters, and you can bet they're all going to be eating Kerry up tonight, you know, in a good way...with a spoon or something.

[Seriously: Kerry on Comedy Central :: Washington Post]