Continuing the hoax trend that has come up today, cops are now agreeing with Hailey Glassman's lawyer and saying the ransacking of Jon Gosselin's apartment looks like a publicity stunt. So, he couldn't have just put one of his kids in a balloon like everyone else?

Gosselin's apartment was trashed on December 26th, and he immediately blamed ex-girlfriend Hailey. The cops say it looks staged, and are particularly suspicious about a note which was pinned down to a dresser with a large chef's knife. Radar Online has a photo, which also shows ripped up furniture in the background. "They absolutely think the butcher knife part of it is B.S.," one cop told them. The trashing allegedly took place after Gosselin and Glassman had a fight while she was moving out. And even though it's over, Glassman still has strong words for Gosselin. She reportedly twittered "JG gett off you’re a** or whoever is riding u-lol-Stop watching Law and Order N get a job so u can pay 4 ur fam + pay me back the money I loaned u!” Fiesty!