Johnny Ramone died last night at age 55 in L.A., after a struggle with prostate cancer. Johnny, born John Cummings, co-founded the Queens band with Joey Ramone in 1974 and the Ramones brought punk to NYC. Reports say that Eddie Vedder, John Frusciante and Rob Zombie were at his bedside along with Johnny's wife.

Here's the Ramones' official website. Joey died in 2001, Dee Dee died in 2002, and now drummer Tommy is the only surviving original Ramone (Coolfer pointed out to us "second drummer Marky is still alive, as is second bass player CJ"). The Ramones were boys from Queens, and there was an NPR piece about John Langford going to Queens to find Joey's ghost. A street in the East Village is named "Joey Ramone Place" - we'll see if another part is named after Johnny. And there's a Ramones documentary, End Of The Century, out now [read a review from Salon].