Johnny Depp; Photo - APAfter seeing Johnny Depp's bravura peroformance in Pirates of the Caribbean and agreeing he is what makes the film, Gothamist started to think about his portrayal of Jack Sparrow. Who is it is based on? Critics have been tripping over themselves tyring to deconstruct it. Some say Keith Richards, who Depp admits he used as inspiration, but Keith meets Pepe Le Pew. Some say drag queen. David Denby offered W.C. Fields, Toshiro Mifune, and Keith Richards. Gothamist thought it was a little like Nathan Lane in The Birdcage as well, hence the drag queen. We must say this: Depp's tan and eyeliner looked really hot.

Andrew Sarris thinks about the Depp most know and love, the actor of "arrestingly underplayed gentleness, calmness and almost mystical sincerity." USA Today thinks Depp is suddenly hot again.

Gothamist on Johnny Depp's penchant for gold teeth.