When CBGB closed its doors on the Bowery in late 2006, after over 30 years in business, the fashion designer/brand John Varvatos took over the legendary space and turned it into the dreaded b-word: boutique. Out went the heavily adorned walls and wretched bathrooms, and in came the clothing that seemed to co-opt the style of those who once took the stage at the former venue.

Studded leather jackets for $2,000; an entire line of Chelsea and Motor City jeans hovering around the $400 mark; and now, as part of their "newest set of rock-inspired tees," a CBGB T-shirt that will cost you 100 bucks. The item's blurb reads:

If there's one thing the John Varvatos brand is known for, it's rocking out. We're keeping this theme alive and well with our newest set of rock-inspired tees. Wear them with Converse to see your favorite band, or pair them with a blazer and dark-wash jeans for a JV-approved office look.

It's so trivial in comparison to the massive changes that have transformed the area in the past decades, but this online shopping caption may be the worst thing to ever happen to CBGB, the Bowery, Hilly Kristal's legacy, Converse, denim, T-shirts, everyone's favorite band, copywriting, your "office look," and fashion. At least when Urban Outfitters did it they only charged like 20 bucks.

They also have Van Halen, Ramones, and Guns n' Roses T-shirts—collect them all you fucking tool! [h/t Reddit]