The continuing saga of the John Gotti biopic, aka best movie never made, gets one degree weirder today, with the news that John Travolta flew to Queens to kiss John Gotti's ring in preparation for his role as the titular gangster.

Travolta reportedly paid a visit to Victoria Gotti's Howard Beach home to receive her blessing for the project, with, of course, a gold gift bag in tow. Though the actor was tight-lipped on what exactly occurred behind closed doors, moles eyewitnesses note that he was "greeted with handshakes and hugs" from John "Junior" Gotti before disappearing inside for two hours. Travolta and Junior then took off for dinner on Long Island with the younger Victoria Gotti.

To recap what's been going on with this potentially amazing train wreck of a flick: Lindsay Lohan was hired, fired, then re-hired, director Nick Cassavetes was fired, John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston was hired, Joe Pesci was fired and is suing producers, and OG Al Pacino somehow agreed to be hired. Got all that? Good!

Sadly, no release date has been set—actually, the film hasn't even started filming—but producer Mark Fiore is already floating dummy scripts to keep the yapping gossipmongers away.