Jesse and the Rippers began as a humble band, practicing in the living room of the Tanner home near that picturesque park in San Francisco. The band practiced and practiced for years, often getting serious screen time on the popular sitcom Full House, but nothing much ever came of them in the end. Until NOW. Uncle Jesse, who now goes exclusively by John Stamos, has gotten the fictional band back together for a big reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and it's happening this Friday. Have mercy, etc.

The appearance was sort of hinted to by Stamos in an Instagram video Stamos posted yesterday, showing him singing the Full House theme song:

There's also a Jesse Katsopolis Twitter account, that claims: "Me and the RIppers have been touring the world and elsewhere—Ready to hit the States soon. Stay tuned for deets." But will we get a Beach Boys be a part of all this?

What about an Olsen twin?: