John Oliver has (mostly jokingly) publicly castigated himself for Trump's candidacy due to the fact that he goaded him on while he was hosting The Daily Show ("I will personally write you a campaign check now on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but which badly wants you to run"). But last night while appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Oliver came up with someone else equally to blame for Trump's rise.

"He's always acted like the most powerful man in the world," Oliver said as he explained Trump's ability to will himself to the presidency. "That's how he carries himself. Through his childhood I'm sure as well. He dons the disposition of the most powerful man in the world. Now he actually has the power to go along with that. It's like The Secret was real, and it worked for one person, and unfortunately it was him...What I'm saying is, Trump is Oprah's fault."

Oliver also talked about how he doesn't have the personality to "kick back," and thinks Obama needs to chill out with the vacation photos. "I'm glad he's having a nice time, America is on fire," Oliver said. "I know that people accused him of being out of touch with the American people during his presidency. I'm not sure he's ever been more out of touch than he is right now, as [Richard Branson's] kinda pushing him on a surfboard."

They discussed the night after the election, and regretting to agree to do stand-up at a charity event for environmental rights group NRDC: "It was a weird evening, comedy was not really required that night," Oliver said. "I was also very concerned, it's a great environmental group, but there was part of me that wanted to say that tigers may need to move down the pecking order for four years because humans are endangered again."

They discussed their Valentine's Day plans (or lack thereof): "Thoughtful card. That's tangible affection in written form. What gift can compete with that? I would argue none," Oliver said. "That's pretty much the text of my card," Meyers added.

And finally, Oliver talked about his father's dream of his son playing football for Liverpool.