John Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live for the second time ever this weekend (he was a writer on the show for many years, although that alleged fact is now in dispute), and he's been doing a lot of very fun press this week to gear up for it (and also to promote the excellent new season of Documentary Now!, which you should watch this weekend). And while most of that involved playing silly games with Jimmy Fallon, he also appeared on an upcoming episode of Late Night Podcast (coming out Monday) in which he talked about the unmade Stefon movie, and offered some amusing details about what could have been.

"The only thing I wanted to have happen in that movie, and maybe it was Bill’s idea, was that I wanted, in the first scene, to agree to go out with Stefon," Meyers said in the preview clip below. "And then a superfast cut of us at all the clubs. And then I was then zipped into a bodybag...then it would pan up to Stefon saying, 'He’s dead.' And that would be it." That was their solution to write Meyers out so the film could have a different love interest. But Mulaney added, "I had no problem violating your real life as an individual who was engaged and married, and you had a girlfriend and fiancée, and we paid no mind to that," he said. "I believe in the movie you would fully end up together."

Stefon, who was created by Hader and Mulaney, appeared on SNL over 20 times in the last decade; Mulaney appeared last season as Stefon's personal attorney, Shy. Hader revealed in an interview with Fast Company that they had been approached by Paramount about adapting the character into a film (ala MacGruber, Wayne's World, Superstar and other SNL spinoff films): "John and I pretty quickly said no. Because in our mind, it never worked as a sketch. It was a nice thing that lived on Weekend Update, and it should probably only live on SNL and that’s that."

As for the highlights of the rest of Mulaney's charm offensive in the press, Fallon played a clip from the first SNL sketch Mulaney appeared in... where he completely blew his cue.

As seems to be contractually obliged at this point, Mulaney brought Pete Davidson with him to discuss their current comedy tour together, getting into the time they swapped clothes for a day.

Fallon, Mulaney & Davidson also played a rousing game of "True Confessions" (did Davidson really go to Jamaica with Lorne Michaels for New Year's?):

And here's the very amusing SNL promo for his episode:

And a few other funny behind-the-scenes photos he's been tweeting out this week: