2008_08_mayer.jpgFor some levity: By now, everyone who reads US Weekly or TMZ knows that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up (either he dumped her, or her dog hated him so she chose the dog, or he cheated). But when stopped on the streets of Soho yesterday--and in spite of being annoyed by gossip rags making stuff up--Mayer decided to talk because "I just don't want to be followed around New York City like an animal." And while trying to explain why he broke up with the "sophisticated" and "lovely" Aniston, he said he didn't want to waste her time and it's not unusual to break up with somebody "if something's not right...I guarantee 20% of the people on this street right are in a relationship they wish they could get out of but they don't know how." (This street would be Prince Street, between Crosby and Broadway.)