Sure, there are probably a few jokes about John Mayer, but last year John Mayer himself decided to hit the comedy circuit, and now it looks like he's kicking off 2007 with a little bit of funny as well. Varsity Basketweaving caught his set at the Comedy Cellar on January 5th. Here are some of the "10 things John Mayer did during his Jan. 5 stand-up set at the Comedy Cellar" after crashing the 11:30pm set (via The Apiary):

2. Wore standard stand-up fare: dark sweater and jeans.

3. Admitted "Yeah, I'm the 'Daughters' guy," then proceeded to sing amusing alternate lyrics to the song with that distinctive Mayer lilt.

8. Avoided any mention of Jessica Simpson. (Draw your own conclusions.)

9. Checked his Blackberry to see if he forgot any jokes. Made fun of himself for doing so.

10. Made the audience laugh consistently during his set of about 10 minutes.

Here's Mayer on Chappelle's show (also starring ?uestlove):

From Mayer's blog: "I did come close to 'good' at comedy this time around, but I had to settle for "actually not bad!" a few times."