It's been 31 years since John Lennon was shot outside of his home at the Dakota—where his last words were, "I'm shot, I'm shot." Will you be going to Strawberry Fields today? Below is a broadcast from ABC News that aired December 9th, where Paul McCartney is heard telling a reporter, "It's a drag, isn't it?"

Here are some images of New Yorkers following his death, as well as the Daily News's coverage from that time. Meanwhile, London's News Standard called "Lennon's meaningless murder increasingly typical of New York... where the freedom to carry guns has brought forth monsters."

Here is how Lennon spent his final hours (but beware, this also includes a photo of Lennon's after he was pronounced dead); Yoko Ono went over the details of that night, saying they were being driven by limousine to 72nd Street—"I said, 'Shall we go to a restaurant before we go home?' He said, 'No I want to see Sean before he goes to sleep'. I said, 'He's probably asleep by now'. And the car stopped, we got out and it was... really terrible."

Earlier this afternoon, Yoko Ono asked that people put their Lennon tributes right here—there are already over 700 posts. And now, revisit this amazing party the couple hosted.

Here's video of Walter Cronkite's broadcast on December 9, 1980:

Here's video of WNBC 4's coverage of a vigil at Strawberry Fields on December 14, 1980: