John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel are longtime friends and former neighbors with a long history of pranking each other for the amusement of Kimmel's television audience. But just because Jimmy Kimmel is in NYC this week doesn't mean Krasinski is letting him off the prank hook.

On the show last night, Krasinski and Kimmel walked the audience through their history of pranks, which involved a lot of breaking-and-entering, reindeer poop, gift-wrapped vehicles, and egg nog. The cherry tomato on top of this prank salad: Krasinski made sure Kimmel felt extra welcome staying in Park Slope by putting banners, a gospel choir, and even a sign-spinner outside his (surely fictional) Airbnb rental. Kimmel seemed genuinely surprised by the prank.

And here's a photo of them setting up the prank yesterday:

Jake Dobkin/Gothamist

In addition to that Empire State Building Eminem performance, Kimmel has also talked to Adam Sandler about growing up in Brooklyn and staged a fake musical about Sully Sullenberg, starring Matthew Broderick, titled Hudson, We Have a Problem! during the weeklong residency at BAM.