Based on what John Kerry read kindergarteners, Gothamist surmises that his platform is "Animals MUST be naked" and that "Colored foods are okay."

Animal Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing, by Judi Barrett, illustrated by Ron Barrett, explains that animals should wear clothing "because a snake would lose it, a billy goat would eat it for lunch, and it would always be wet on a walrus!" And Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss, is the story of Sam-I-Am who "mounts a determined campaign to convince another Seuss character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham."

The Times' John Halbfinger has a hilarious firsthand account of the small children interacting with the tall Presidential candidate ("Another child asked if Mr. Kerry could 'make sure dogs don't get run over by cars,' and Mr. Kerry promised to try. And another wanted to know how he would stop war."). Also funny: The caption for this Kerry photo; the Times wants to make sure readers are clear it's not a real sun but a papier-mâché one.

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