Val Kilmer as John Holmes in WonderlandThe trailer for Val Kilmer's new film, Wonderland, is up at the Movie Box, and watching it reminded Gothamist of Boogie Nights and Auto Focus. Of course, Boogie Nights is not surprising, as BN was based loosely around the legend of John Holmes, while Wonderland is about porn star John Holmes and his involvement with the Wonderland Gang and their murders. At any rate, the gritty, seamy side of Los Angeles vibe looks intriguing (Val Kilmer as John Holmes, means Val ass), as does a crazy-haired Dylan McDermott. Kate Bosworth plays Holmes' 15 year-old girlfriend and Lisa Kudrow his wife, and Eric Bogosian looks really eerie as Eddie Nash, the drug dealer plots the robbery that set the murders in motion. Wonderland will open in limited release on September 26 (which can be a special date to some). [Via Movie City News]

There's a documentary about John Holmes, Wadd, named after his famous character, detective Johnny Wadd. And these days, when Gothamist hears "John Holmes," we do think about the Beastie Boys song, Sure Shot, and tempted to quote it.