Pro wrestler John Cena has been crossing over to bigger Hollywood roles, like an against-the-type turn as Amy Schumer's buff yet sensitive boyfriend in Trainwreck and as a drug dealer in Sisters, so it was just a matter of time before he would host Saturday Night Live. The show played off his physique (those guns!) more than a few times, but Cena showed that in the ring or on a soundstage, he loves playing off a crowd.

The monologue featured various SNL cast members trying out different wrestling characters to take on Cena—Bobby Moynihan was "The Waddler" and Leslie Jones was..."Leslie Jones"—while he also played athletes in a Karate Kid send-up, a University of Alabama science presentation and a game show, "Where'd Your Money Go?" (he was a bro-tastic Rob Gronkowski).

While the cold open was Trump-less, Cena played Donald Trump in a Being John Malkovich-ish digital short later in the program that showed the world "Through Donald Trump's Eyes."

Click through for more clips, including Angela Merkel and Pizzagate conspiracies during Weekend Update; a gross talent show; and Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant bringing back their buddy-cop show "Dyke and Fats" (last seen in 2014).

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Next week is the last episode of the year, with Casey Affleck and Chance the Rapper.