One of Gothamist's favorite movies, Hope and Glory, is playing at BAM tonight. It's part of BAM's retrospective of director John Boorman's work, The Adventures of John Boorman. Boorman's made his name with darker, more violent films like Point Blank and Deliverance, which is why Gothamist loves Hope and Glory so much: It's a hilarious film about a British family surviving World War II, from the middle-aged father who enlists to the young children who thank Hitler for bombing their school. Tonight's screening of Hope and Glory starts at 7:30PM, and there will be a Q&A with Boorman and Paul Auster!

Here's John Boorman's filmography. Hope and Glory came out in 1987, the same year as Empire of the Sun, which ostensibly is another World War II film with a young boy at the center. Gothamist has come to find Empire of the Sun one of Steven Spielberg's best works, something much more sweeping and majestic than originally thought. Check out Roger Ebert's reviews of Hope and Glory and Empire of the Sun. And we're looking forward to the U.S. release of the documentary, Gunner Palace, about soldiers at Uday Hussein's palace - it's been getting amazing buzz while at the Toronto Film Festival. Some other war movies: Dr. Strangelove, Das Boot, Ran, Grand Illusion, MASH and Three Kings.