The course

If you can't take peyote and wander the desert for a week or two, then try the urban solution: jogging/staggering around the same city blocks 5,649 times until you hallucinate and start to question everything, including why you would ever jog 3,100 miles of the same few blocks in Queens.

The 17th annual Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile race—where runners will jog in circles for 52 days—is the longest certified footrace in the world (according to the Paper of Record, and it's going on right now (through August 7th). It was all founded by the controversial Hindu guru Sri Chinmoy, who ran a nearby meditation center until his death in 2007 (the race course is around Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School, at Grand Central Parkway and 84th Avenue). The website declares: "Runners must average almost 60 miles a day to finish within the time limit. The serious athlete must have tremendous courage, physical stamina, concentration and the capacity to endure fatigue, boredom and minor injuries."

Sarah Barnett, who has been walking 18 hours a day for six weeks now, told DNAInfo, "It’s not like you are in a beautiful forest. You go through moments of loneliness and you are asking yourself: ‘Why am I running around this concrete?’" She called it the biggest challenge of her life. But when all is said and done, it looks like your treated to some celebratory chanting, kind words, and maybe a 30-pound weight loss.

Not zen enough to commit to the 3,100 miles? You can try a much shorter distance closer to home—a few years ago City Room's Andy Newman walked around his block for 26 miles... but treated himself to a pedicure during his journey.