Have you been to Joey Ramone Place lately? The intersection of Bowery and East 2nd Street was dedicated to the late singer, but his sign is so sought after that it's been moved from the standard 12-feet above street level, to 20-feet above! The change was first noticed by EV Grieve, and today the NY Post follows up noting that the 8-foot move happened after too many fans tried to steal the sign. In fact, out of New York City's 250,900 street signs, it's been stolen the most (albeit, only four times in the past seven years).

Marky Ramone told the paper that punk pioneer Joey would have been proud of having the city's most stolen sign, but made note of how it's too hard to see now, saying, "maybe they should find a better way to attach it. Now you have to be an NBA player to see it."

According to the Department of Transportation, other signs that stolen include: Broadway, Wall Street, and Love Lane. Earlier this year a vintage Wall Street sign went for six figures at auction, so it may not be a bad investment!