Back in June, triple threat Joe Jonas (musician/thespian/HOTTIEPANTS) was given a chilly reception sharing a bill with, uh, Swiss Beatz, as Williamsburg's finest pelted the Disney star with Nerf balls. But if only those evil hipsters kept their minds as open as their nostrils in the Woods' bathrooms, they'd see that Joe Jonas is totally on the level: he smokes dope!

According to Cat Marnell over at xoJane, "a few weeks ago," Joe Jonas showed up at Gold Bar in Soho and TOTALLY smoked the safest drug in the world in the DJ booth. Take it away, Cat's friend Shaun:

So we started to smoke and Joe smelled it and reached over and asked the DJ if he could smoke. The DJ told him it wasn't his pot—then he pointed us out to Joe Jonas, and Joe tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could smoke...It was him and his boys. There were girls there too, but it was like 4 or 5 dudes. Anyway, Joe came in the booth and we passed him the joint. He was really nice and said thank you and everything...Later that night, Joe came back into the DJ booth and smoked his OWN joint. It was much bigger than ours had been. He looked very stoned, dancing around. They didn't play any Jonas Brothers. He danced to Justin Timberlake's 'Like I Love You.'

A small hole opens in the fabric of space and time when a Disney star dances to another former Disney star under the influence of marijuana, but Steven Hawking has assured us that we won't notice it for several thousand years. To put to bed any conspiracy theorists who believe the account is a PR scam, Marnell assured us via email that Jonas "definitely inhaled! He was burning it DOWN."

Unless someone finds Nick Jonas with a needle in his arm in the bathroom at Birdland, it appears that Joe Jonas wins the title of "coolest Jonas Brother," which counts for something.