This is a nice, heartwarming story about a celebrity not being an asshole and a New Yorker not being impatient, straight from the hub of feelgood human interest stories: Reddit.

A man going by the handle "Mr. Hellos" writes that upon his return from Florida his father picked him up at the airport, but "as we turned on to our street in the Greenwich Village, a limo was stopped in the middle with 2 people getting out. One of them was a woman in a long white fur coat with a big black fur scarf, very dressed up. They take 2 or 3 minutes getting all of the stuff from the trunk of the limo, and my dad is understandably slightly annoyed but knows that he can't do anything, like the feeling when you are stuck behind a garbage truck." This is where the average New Yorker would honk and yell and shake their fist into the air, making an annoyance that was his alone now an annoyance for anyone within earshot. But this guy's dad kept his cool, and hey, if we had a sweet apartment in Greenwich Village, we'd probably be pretty easygoing too. He goes on:

"The woman walks over to our car and asks him to roll down his window. He reluctantly does, and she says to us, 'Thank you so much for not honking like a normal New Yorker would, here is a Christmas ornament for being so nice.' And she hands my father a red box that she was carrying. My dad thanks her, and talks to her for a minute. After she goes over to the sidewalk, he tells me, 'I think that was the comedian Joan Rivers,' so I look up a picture of her, and agree that the woman looks like her. We park, and I open the box. What do I see but a Christmas ornament with her name on its tag."

There was also a signed note in the package, which is mostly about Beautiful Things and how she loves them.

As an aside: A couple of years ago at the Made In NY party at Gracie Mansion we saw Joan Rivers leave a little early, approach some random dogs and their owners out on the street, and crouch down to dog-level (in her formalwear) to play with the pups. She did seem very nice!