Last night's episode of Mad Men was seriously lacking in Joan (whom the creators of said show better bring back) — but the real Joan, actress Christina Hendricks, was at Il Buco getting hitched to hubby, actor Geoffrey Arend. People reports back from the scene, but NBC explains why the Bond Street restaurant was chosen as a venue.

As the story goes, Hendricks was smitten with the chandelier in the restaurant, so "Arend approached Il Buco owner Donna Lennard about buying the fixture, which he planned to propose under, but Lennard wasn't interested. Arend would not be dissuaded, however. He approached Warren Muller, who designed the piece, to create another for Il Buco." He told the designer, "I’ll send you a check, you make a new chandelier, you bless her restaurant with love from us, and then you bring that chandelier back to me, and you bless my marriage with love.” And that's exactly what happened. Currently the Il Buco chandelier is illuminating Halloway's house in Los Angeles.

Speaking of happy couples, the real Don Draper's wife penned an article about being married to ad man Draper Daniels. Their start was less romantic; she recalls, "'I couldn’t even think about marrying someone without a year’s courtship.' 'All right,' he said. 'We’ll count today as day one, then.' And he put out his hand and we shook, as if sealing a business proposition."