200802jlopregs.jpgNot too long ago it was reported that Jennifer Lopez was ready to burst as her belly swelled with twins on the way. She had visited a Long Island hospital with husband Marc Anthony and her couture hospital gowns, but it must have been a false alarm, because soon after she was attending Fashion Week events. Initially it was reported she would have a Cesarean birth that was scheduled for Valentine's Day; no word yet on whether she ended up going the natural way, as yesterday the twins finally arrived.

The Post reports J.Lo & Co. "celebrated with family at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset in a luxury suite on the ninth floor, which was under tighter lockdown than that surrounding some presidential candidates." Turning a sterile hospital into a 5-star hotel, the couple brought in their own attendants and private chefs.

Pictures of the twins, a girl and a boy, are placed at high value; reportedly People magazine is offering $6 million for the first exclusive shot (Brangelina only got $4.1 million for Shiloh!). The Post notes that figure is on par with the box office gross of Lopez's 2003 flop, Gigli. With all of the ridiculousness surrounding the twins on their first full day in the world, it's nice to know (if reports are true) that Jenny from the Block kept it a little bit real, naming the babies Anna Maria and Marc Ruiz.

A note to mothers-to-be: get your own couture hospital gowns (with coordinating robes!) from J.Lo's supplier, Dear Johnnies.