0806jlosi.jpgYesterday a group of 8 autistic children graduating from P.S. 37 had a treat in store as Jennifer Lopez stood amongst the audience. The school is in Staten Island's Great Kills neighborhood, and the 10 and 11-year-old kids were performing her song and dance routine for "Let's Get Loud." SI Live reports on the singer's cameo.

The class was first introduced to Lopez's music a few months ago when they had to choose a song to dance to at graduation. Teacher Kathy Amati and paraprofessional Rose Mondella showed the students the "Let's Get Loud" video as a suggestion, and the class of eight boys loved it. They wanted to watch it every day and learned all of the lyrics and dance moves from the video.

"The kids don't even really understand how famous she is," said Ms. Amati. "They just really like her singing and dancing."

After some letters were sent off to J.Lo's fan club, Amati didn't expect much more than an autograph sent in return -- but yesterday afternoon one of J.Lo's reps called the school inquiring about the graduation ceremony time, and the singer showed up!

Photo via SI Advance.